Who we are

DHL Africa eShop, powered by MallforAfrica, is a global e-commerce solution provider that enables Africans to access US and UK consumer retail sites. With its proprietary platform and guaranteed payment system, consumers have access to over 8.5 billion items. At DHL Africa eShop,we are passionate about moving the global digital infrastructure forward by creating and managing a fraud-free cross-border eCommerce platform.

Our patent-pending platform enables people in The World to shop directly on foreign e-commerce sites, select whatever item they want, and buy it instantly online through our secure payment system. The item is then shipped directly to our facilities for quality assurance. From there the consumer has a choice of having the item to their address or have them picked up at any of our local pickup stations within days. Before DHL Africa eShop, most emerging markets could not purchase directly from US and European sites. By managing every aspect of the order cycle, we offer our customers a simple, secure, and convenient solution to online shopping from some of the best brands in the world - with new sites added every month.

The journey of the order

DHL Africa eShop  optimizes your shopping experience and makes online shopping delightful. All you need to do is

1. Install the app
2. Select a store
3. Select your items
4. Purchase it instantly through our secure payment system using the app
5. Your purchase is then shipped to our US/UK warehouses for Quality Assurance
6. Your purchase is shipped via DHL to your home, or can be picked up at any of our local pickup stations within days.



Want to sell on DHL Africa eShop?

Are you a US or European based e-commerce company? Want to take your store and brand to the next level by tapping into one of the fastest growing markets in the world? If you'd like to be involved in DHL Africa eShop, please contact us at  info@linkcommerce.com - we look forward to hearing from you.

About Management

This platform is managed by Link Commerce Ltd a UK company. For more information please visit www.linkcommerce.com